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System Shock Art

I was lucky enough to be able to buy some original art a few years ago from Robb Waters, who did concept art and character design for the game. This artwork was also used in the I.C.E. Breaker hintbook. It's great stuff, so check it out...

I also have a cool System Shock promotional poster put out by Origin Systems in 1994.


All stats and damage system info are from the System Shock: I.C.E. Breaker hintbook, published by Origin in 1994. Descriptions of weapons and grenades are from the System Shock: Terminal Access game manual. All animated gifs include standing, moving, attacking, and death animations. For enemies with multiple attack animations, I just picked one.

Thanks to Glen Sawyer for his texture extraction utility!

Please email me at kmh@frickbat.com if you have any questions/comments.