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Solar Havoc Industries L.L.C.

Co-Founder of Solar Havoc Industries LLC which oversees Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Synaptic Sparks Inc. (Licensed 501c3 nonprofit)

Previous Employment:

Cole Engineering Services Inc.:

Lead Game Designer / Lead Engineer / Project Manager / Pre-Sales Engineer with Cole Engineering Services Inc. of Orlando -- March 2013 to July 2014

  • Managed a team of game designers responsible for the definition of all game play, level design, story, assessment, audio, voice-recording and all environmental aspects of applications based on the EDGE platform (a Massively Multiplayer Framework built with the Unreal 3.0 Game Engine).
  • Lead Strategic IR&D (Independent Research and Development) projects in the overarching areas of corporate innovations.
  • Supported Strategic Business Solutions.
  • Supported CESI leadership with marketing, branding, and multimedia production.

Lockheed Martin Global Training and Logistics:

Computer Scientist / Pre-Sales Engineer / Project Architect / Project Manager with Lockheed Martin Global Training and Logistics of Orlando -- July 2006 to March 2013

  • Worked as the local VWL-Orlando (Virtual World Labs) technical lead and video game technology mentor for a diverse team that designs, implements and supports many projects, programs and research & development efforts utilizing a wide range of video game technologies both commercial and "home grown."
  • Worked as an active member of the group of corporate Video Game Technologies experts such as the Virtual World Labs group. Areas include Artificial Intelligence, COTS Game Engines, Custom Game Engine Design, MMOA (Massively Multiplayer Online Architectures), "Mod" Kits, Network Infrastructures, Physics, and Scripting. The home grown game engine "UltiSim" has been featured at numerous cross industry trade shows including AETC 2008-2011, ModSim 2008-2011 and I/ITSEC 2008-2011.
  • Worked as the Principle Engineer within the Advanced Programs and Strategic IR&D (Independent Research and Development) group with a focus on leveraging cutting (bleeding) edge Video Game Industry technologies for professional development and student centric K-12 Education.
  • Worked as a focal member of the Strategic IR&D (Independent Research and Development) group in charge of all aspects of the technical design and implementation of a Space (NASA / US Air Force) initiative, with a focus on the integration of both internal and COTS toolsets to discover new training mechanisms. Featured at I/ITSEC 2007.

Professional accolades with Lockheed Martin Global Training and Logistics:

  • Innovation “Champion” 2013 –- Patent Authoring
  • Technology Spotlight 2013 -- 'Agile' Video Game Technologies
  • Spot Award 2012 -- "Herculean Efforts" -- ICE STORM & UCF RTP3 Game Based Tech
  • Diversity and Inclusion Champion 2011 -- on behalf of the GVSC Team
  • Innovation “Champion” 2011 –- Patent Authoring
  • GTL Peer to Peer Award 2010 -- Teamwork & Inclusiveness
  • Diversity and Inclusion Champion 2010 -- on behalf of the VWL Team
  • Innovation “Champion” 2010 –- Patent Authoring
  • New Technology of the Year 2009 -- GRITS2 (Generic Realtime Integrated Trainer for Space Systems)
  • Special Recognition Award 2008 -- Internal & External Presentation Excellence

L-3 Communications Link Simulation & Training:

Senior Software Engineer I / Computer Scientist / Project Architect / Project Manager with L-3 Communications Link Simulation & Training of Orlando -- September 2004 to March 2006

  • Acted as Principal Investigator and IR&D (Independent Research and Development) Lead for Game Technologies and Schoolhouse Analysis Modeling & Simulation
  • Worked as a member of the Strategic IR&D (Independent Research and Development) group with concentrations in discrete event simulation, web-enabled technologies and commercial video game technologies for use in various training environments.
  • Worked as a co-lead of the Link Simulation & Training Strategic IR&D (Independent Research and Development) team that successfully demonstrated video game technologies integrated into a distributed simulation suite of legacy Link simulators. It demonstrated a correlated faux Iraq city with a Game Engine and a suite of legacy simulators, an integrated DIS multiplayer layer where the game's 3 players were entities within the legacy simulator suite and visa-versa, and an additional capability within the video game where the players extracted off of a roof top as they mounted an FSXXI UH-60 simulator. Primary Showcase at I/ITSEC 2005.
  • Worked as a member of the Link Simulation & Training Strategic IR&D (Independent Research and Development) team that successfully demonstrated web-enabled technologies integrated into a distributed simulation suite of legacy Link simulators. It demonstrated the packaging and distribution of DIS packets via the web and the creation of DIS entities via the Internet Explorer web browser. Featured at I/ITSEC 2004.

Professional accolades with L-3 Communications Link Simulation & Training:

  • Outstanding Achievement 2005 -- Development, Integration and Demonstration for the I/ITSEC 2005 Conference Exhibits
  • Outstanding Achievement 2004 -- Development, Setup and Support of the I/ITSEC 2004 Conference Exhibits

Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training & Support:

Software Engineer / Computer Scientist with Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training & Support of Orlando -- October 2001 to September 2004

  • Worked as a member of the Core IR&D (Independent Research and Development) Modeling and Simulation group with a concentration on discrete event simulation in a training environment.
  • Worked in the initial software development team for BC2T (Battlegroup Command and Control Trainer), now designated CORE-t (Command Operational Readiness Trainer) for the UK until contract award. Featured at I/ITSEC 2003.
    Duties included use of "extreme programming" software design / development / lifecycle techniques within an IR&D (Independent Research and Development) philosophy to meet an aggressive schedule and ultimately achieve contract award.
    Other duties included systems administration for a interoperable Linux and Window's network.
  • Worked on a self-created / self-scheduled program within the Core IR&D (Independent Research and Development) team designated Lifeforms, which was a proof-of-concept prototype to show commercial video game technologies inserted into a military simulation framework.
    Lifeforms was showcased within the IR&D (Independent Research and Development) booth at I/ITSEC 2002.
  • Worked in the software development team for CCTT (Close Combat Tactical Trainer) for the purpose of adding the M2A3 (Bradley Fighting Vehicle) into the current simulation architecture.
    Duties included software development, systems administration for Linux and Solaris for Intel networks, and design / implementation of a Virtual I/O test tool.

Professional accolades with Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training & Support:

  • Galaxy Award 2004 -- Team of the Year (Highest Business Unit Honor)
  • Spot Award 2004 -- ITC M&S
  • Special Recognition Award 2003 -- Homeland Security M&S
  • Certificate of Appreciation 2003 -- BC2T
  • Certificate of Appreciation 2003 -- Advanced Programs M&S
  • Spot Award 2002 -- Independent Development of the "Matrix Panel"

Publications with Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training & Support:

  • Dr. Greg Harrison, David S. Maynard, and Dr. Eytan Pollak. 2004.
    “Automated Database and Schema-Based Data Interchange for Modeling and Simulation.”
    Appeared in the Proceedings of the 2004 Winter Simulation Conference, IEEE Press.
    WSC 2004 Paper in PDF format

Presentation / Public Speaking (length ranging from minutes to multi-day):

  • Continually being the "face" of video game technology in corporate society
  • Innumerable internal / external technical & non-technical demonstrations (via all employers) to executive staff, government, agency, customers, collaborators, partners etc.
  • While at Lockheed Martin I continually represented the larger Corporate Lockheed Martin entity in high exposure settings such as presenting to individuals and groups in executive and high-end federal positions. Examples: "James H. Shelton III, Assistant Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Improvement: US Department of Education" and staff. The Bill Gates Foundation. The Stupski Foundation. Federal Bureau of Investigation. Central Intelligence Agency. PEOSTRI. RDECOM. NAVAir. Department of Homeland Security. And many others.
  • Active mentor in STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) energizing 'young people' through public demonstration / presentation to age groups ranging from middle school through college.


  • Ant, Ada, Arena, C, C++, C#, Java, JDOM, JNI, JSON, OpenGL, Open Inventor, Motif, Perl, Postscript, SQL, Visual Basic, VRML, X, XML

Databases / Database Applications:

  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Sun MySQL


  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/Windows 7/8/10, UNIX/Linux/Irix/AIX, Solaris for Intel, (32 bit & 64 bit for all applicable)

Tools (IDEs):

  • Bloodshed Dev C++, Borland C++, Builder Xcessory PRO, Code Warrior, Eclipse, GIT, GLUT, IntelliJ IDEA, JCreator, Microsoft Visual Studio, MonoDevelop, NetBeans, PowerAda, WinCVS

Graphics Programming (Including OpenGL and Open Inventor):

  • 2-D animated textures in C++ (animated gifs)
  • 2-D blur filtering using calculus
  • 2-D segment and circle creation using calculus
  • 3-D engine simulation
  • 3-D simple ray casting with sphere intersections
  • 3-D scene graph manipulation
  • 3-D parametric surface/mesh generation
  • 3-D texturing, transformations, and simple animation
  • 3-D particle creation and collision detection
  • Coding raw postscript text (viewable .ps)

Game Tech Design & Implementation:

  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence (Opposing Forces - Bot Programming)
  • Augmented Reality (MS HoloLens, Magic Leap)
  • Ballistics Modeling
  • Coordinate System Management
  • DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation) Game Tech Bridges
  • Game Engine Design
  • Load-Out Configuration Management
  • Mission Planning
  • Network Communication Layer
  • Output Management
  • Physics Modeling (Havok, ODE, PhysX)
  • Register, Publish & Subscribe Event Management
  • Resource Management
  • Systems Integration (Full Simulation Suite)
  • Virtual Reality (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive)

Game Engine Experience: All levels of use from Mods (Experimentation) to Full Source (Productization)

    Dates range from 1993 to present (listed alphabetically not in chronological order)
  • Battlefield 1942
  • Battlefield 2
  • C4 Engine
  • CryEngine 1.2 (Far Cry)
  • CryEngine 2 (Crysis)
  • Crystal Space
  • Delta 3D
  • Descent
  • Freespace
  • Half-Life (Counter Strike, Day of Defeat)
  • id Tech 1 (Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen)
  • id Tech 2 (Quake 2, Action Quake 2, Heretic 2, SiN, Half-Life)
  • id Tech 3 (Quake 3, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Soldier or Fortune II)
  • id Tech 4 (Doom 3, Quake 4)
  • Irrlicht
  • jMonkey Engine
  • Lithtech 1.0 (Shogo)
  • Lithtech 2.2 (No One Lives Forever)
  • Lithtech Talon (Aliens versus Predator 2)
  • Lithtech Jupiter (No One Lives Forever 2)
  • Lithtech Jupiter EX (Fear)
  • OpenSceneGraph
  • Panda 3D
  • Quake 1 Engine
  • Rise of the Triad
  • Source Engine (Half-Life 2, CS:Source, Day of Defeat:Source)
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
  • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
  • Torque Game Engine (Tribes 2)
  • Torque Game Engine Advanced
  • Unity 3D
  • Unreal 1 (Unreal Tournament)
  • Unreal 2 (Unreal Tournament 2004)
  • Unreal 2.5 (Special R&D License)
  • Unreal 3
  • Unreal 4

Game Tech Historian:

  • Vast knowledge of Video Game History both via Technology Evolution and Pop Culture
  • Very active in remaining current on the state of the industry in all aspects of video game technologies / design patterns

General Programming:

  • Advanced object oriented design and programming
  • Advanced modeling & simulation design / implementation
  • Advanced socket & packet design / implementation
  • Artificial intelligence using behavior files
  • Artificial intelligence using info-node technology
  • Complete systems administration on all platforms listed above
  • Complex network model design / implementation
  • Complex makefiles in UNIX/Linux/Irix/AIX
  • Data structure design
  • Discrete event simulation
  • Distributed simulation design and implementation
  • Enterprise Modeling
  • GUI design / implementation using java / VB
  • Intelligent agents using first order predicate logic
  • Intelligent agents using genetic algorithms
  • Interface design / implementation between COTS products & toolsets
  • Process simulation
  • Script writing
  • UDP programming
  • UNIX/Linux/Irix/AIX shell programming
  • Windows Internet Information Server (IIS)

Physical Networking:

  • Installation, setup and maintenance of Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/Windows 7/8/10, Solaris for Intel and Linux networks

Systems Administration:

  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista/Windows 7/8/10, UNIX/Linux/Irix/AIX, Solaris for Intel, (32 bit & 64 bit for all applicable)


  • Building PC based computers from the component level
  • Extensive experience creating multi-boot OS systems
  • Extensive knowledge of current & upcoming hardware component releases

Music and Sound Effects Hardware:

  • Echo Audio Layla 24, FocusRite, and Komplete Music Interfaces
  • Ernie Ball MusicMan Stingray Bass Guitars
  • General MIDI
  • (Full and Semi) Modular Synthesizers (e.g. Berhinger, Moog, Mutable Intruments)
  • Multitude of Keyboards / Synthesizers (e.g. Berhinger, Moog, Roland, Yamaha)
  • Push 2
  • Roland VS-2480 24 Track Digital Studio Workstation
  • Schecter Guitars (6 & 7 Strings) and Bass Guitars (4 & 5 Strings)
  • Steinberger Bass Guitars
  • Various Amplifiers / Preamplification Units (e.g. Trace Elliott, Blue Tube)

Music and Sound Effects Software:

  • Ableton Live
  • Cakewalk Pro Audio
  • Cubase SX
  • Digital Performer
  • Drumkit From Hell / Superior Drummer
  • Fruity Loops Producer
  • GigaStudio
  • Kontakt (including custom Kontakt Scripting)
  • Notion (Notation Software)
  • PreSonus Studio One
  • Sampling Software Packages (e.g. East West Products, Spitfire Audio, Vienna Software Library etc)
  • Sibelius (Notation Software)
  • Sound Forge
  • Various VSTi / DXi Plug-in applications (e.g. ABSynth, Battery, Evolve, FM8, Maschine, Massive, Sytrus etc)
  • Vienna Ensemble Pro (Server / Client)

Music and Sound Effects:

  • Drumkit & percussion programming
  • Film scoring techniques
  • Loop design / implementation
  • Onboard and external sequencing
  • Orchestration and instrumentation
  • Strong composition, aural and written theory background

Video Production Hardware:

  • Audio / visual hardware integration
  • Canon DSLR cameras (D7)
  • Green screen integration
  • Sony HD cameras (HVR-A1U)
  • Studio lighting systems

Video Production Software:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Encore
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Lightworks
  • The Foundry's Nuke
  • Various Plug-in applications (e.g. Creative Cow, Digital Juice, Video Copilot etc)

Video Production:

  • Advanced matte creation
  • Complex 2D animation
  • Complex 3D / digital compositing
  • Complex titling and credit creation
  • Green screen (keying) techniques
  • Multi-scene cutting, editing, splicing and transitioning
  • Wide range of custom special effects design & creation


Advanced Professional Certificate, Orchestration for Film and TV (9 Courses, 4.0 GPA), Berklee College of Music
Professional Certificate, Composing and Producing Electronic Music (3 Courses, 4.0 GPA), Berklee College of Music
Professional Certificate, Music Theory and Composition (4 Courses, 4.0 GPA), Berklee College of Music
B.S., Computer Science (Minor in Mathematics), Florida State University
A.A., Saint Petersburg Junior College

Academic recognition:

  • Award of Excellence in the Chinese Language
  • The Golden Key Honor Society
  • Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
  • The National Dean's List
  • Who's Who in American Junior Colleges